Ode to Democrat…

Ode to Democrat Dirt   We are met with the Godless, a new version of the Tories but without the decorum, re-branded slavers (socialists), and rotten new deal acolytes doing and saying anything for votes.  The smarmy personages punched out in the forms of DebbieWasserman-Shultz wannabees, spread their message from and to the bottom—where they […]

Forgive Fareed Zakaria!

The left wing writer and anchor has plagiarized a portion of an article. He should not be punished whatsoever—suffering the indignity of a suspension from TIME and an indefinite suspension from CNN. After all, the leftist page is very confined and allows for no growth upward. Set Fareed free! Let him alone! To hold him […]

Harry Reid of Nevada

Harry Reid of Nevada Harry Reid, the Democrat Senator of Nevada, the Majority leader of that house claims someone from Bain Capital called him about Mitt Romney’s tax returns.  He said the caller told him that Mitt didn’t pay taxes each year of the years and more he was at the helm of Bain.  He […]