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A Little Empathy for Democrats? No Thank You.

April 18, 2015

381705_4883518328726_1709271138_nIt’s a hard thing to argue, pass legislation and run people’s lives. We should feel something for the Clintons, Schumers, Pelosis, Rieds and all the rest of our resident Socialists. I mean, every one of them must twist with each breath when they’re caught in public and have to think fast on their feet. When anyone is advancing the disinformation and falsehoods of their democratic party, they must be nimble enough of mind to sound correct in the media. They are after all, only advertising to the large block of voters whose interest or ability to learn the issues is as deep as a rainwater puddle. We have Republicans doing the same thing. Jeb comes to mind.

The lies of the new Socialist party include such morsels as “they’re working to help the drowning middle class while the GOP only want tax cuts for the wealthiest among us.” Hillary of course sings the same off key tune and expects to be crowned because she’s a woman and she’s a Clinton though she only plays the part of qualified woman interested in everyday women. If it weren’t for the sheer numbers of the rainwater voters, the hypocritical spiel would be nothing more than hilarious examples of oversell in Freshman Marketing to sell poor quality goods.

With a sycophant media, the Socialists must deliver when called upon to make faux claims about their innocence of causing any problems for the nation by their conduct of legion when it comes to pandering. We can expect mighty pressure, mighty battles, as they weave, duck and turn, distort, hide, and gather numbers for the brawl. “Sure, federal funding of abortion is a right. Sure, the misery in a poor economy is the fault of the wealthy, and sure, there is nothing to see in Benghazi, nothing more to do with the IRS, and nothing at all important about going back to investigate. Sure any prosecutions that should be made won’t be made.”

And Jeb Bush thinks the President’s choices are his to make and we—our representatives–should butt out. It doesn’t matter a damn whether “his” choices would actually do the job. Anyone who suggests Jeb is not part of our problem can go the way of other milquetoasts who pay up, want to get along (compromise) with criminal Socialists and cower in their political corner—like Jeb does, where Hillary lives.

Andrew Huddleston
April 18, 2015



April 2, 2015

It’s not mine alone. Leftists are character-less, vacant hearts and minds, and in a state of perpetual misery. They define themselves by their own words and actions. I’m not judging them. I simply hear and watch them clearly advertise how very hateful and base they are—how controlling others is in fact, their consuming passion. Their frustration and anger grow largely in proportion to the number of people who think for themselves and have no need to be guided by grossly defective minds.

In law, the phrase, “substantial burden” is lost to them and their media puppet mouthpieces who think they are working the public’s interest by casting the Religion freedom law as government sponsored, endorsed discrimination in violation of our equal protection principles.

If you own and operate a bakery, you shall bake that cake for gay couples “marriages.” A man and another man can call it whatever they wish to as far as I’m concerned, but it is not marriage as far as many people of faith are concerned.

Meanwhile, Lois Lerner is not indicted for breaking the law.

If you dare say or write that individuals killed while attacking police doing their job are not saints, you’re racist.

Meanwhile, we wait for Queen Hillary to tell the truth about Benghazi—we’ll be waiting forever.

If you call it like it is factually as far as the global warming (man-made climate change) nonsense, you’re a Neanderthal, anti-science, “flat-earther” who has no credibility.

Meanwhile, the lies of Harry Reid are exposed and no one bats an eye. “All politicians lie in a presidential campaign.”

If you wear a t-shirt with American flag screen-print, you’re suspended from school from a fear that it may offend some by the milkiest milquetoasts that occupy positions in education administration. Fall right into line silly “Principals,” and keep people not politically correct quashed.

Meanwhile, the democrat party claims that our demanding accountability on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and scrubbed servers are all just political.

If you write jokes meant to gift people a good, healthy laugh, dare not write in characters that are gay, black, Muslim, Jewish, female, atheist, liberal, our first black President or any flavor of the day. Christians are always fair game.

Meanwhile, Berghdal is free awaiting Court Martial after being referred to as having served with “honor and distinction.”

If you display the flag, you’re a dangerous jingoist.

Meanwhile, the people who work are suffering with disastrous Obamacare, the “law of the land.” Comply you idiots-be happy you’re paying for others to abuse emergency rooms. Obama said many times we can keep our plans and our doctors.

If you’re a veteran, you’re mentally ill and shouldn’t possess guns and rifles.

Meanwhile, second amendment proponents are called stupid Americans. Democratic mayors and governors chip away at the right using every conceivable method and device, searching for “reasonable” restrictions.

If you believe in the value of capitalism toward raising a society’s standard of living, you’re an extremist.

Meanwhile, the sleight of hand proceeds in the halls built by Reid, Pelosi and their predecessors where Feinstein’s husband can latch onto some of the confiscation from taxpayers to build a rail system.

If you believe in the U.S. Constitution—and that the Supremes have bastardized its intent and meaning over the years with stretches that defy even an elementary reading of our founding document, you’re a racist, homophobe ass-hole.

Meanwhile, it’s time for another Obama vacation isn’t it? Two jets may not be enough this time.

If you believe that abortion is killing a human being, you’re anti-woman at “war” with half the population. If you believe taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund the killing, you’re a super-dooper ass-hole.

Meanwhile, Obama and Kerry are setting the stage for world-war III.

Andrew Huddleston
April 2, 2015