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Kate Steinle is Gone

December 4, 2017

The defense lawyer Matt Gonzalez has successfully defended his client, Jose Zarate for the murder. It may have been Manslaughter, but that didn’t matter to a jury whose liberal credentials are preserved. The similarly credentialed liberal lawyer stated that others, specifying President Trump, Vice-President Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, should reflect on their own possible use of the standard of the presumption of innocence since they are under investigation by a special prosecutor.

Aside from the fact that he is factually in error since none of the mentioned are “under investigation,” he is connecting dots that are as invisible as a liberal’s ability to objectively think and decipher what is happening around them. Firmly establishing his credentials as just another unprincipled liberal, he addressed the verdict this way knowing full well the verdict itself was an outrage and would cause exactly that sentiment among people who do not share his propensity to be silly and wrong. But forward he swung his sword of feigned righteousness as if the left are the only ones adequately qualified to be righteous, sufficiently mushy to swing blindly, and command just enough facts to prove a completely wrong answer camouflaged to destroy everything they touch while appearing to care.

Jose squeezed the trigger of an automatic and a woman is dead as a result. Jose is not an immigrant. Jose is an illegal immigrant felon who had been deported five times previous but since San Fransisco (one of several national sewers of credentialed liberals) let him loose as opposed to informing ICE, her was able to squeeze that trigger. Manslaughter at the very least–yes, but not for the highly qualified people of the Bay.

In the credentialed world of “judgeships,” this trial judge did not allow the facts that the accused was a deportee five times and a seven time convicted felon to be entered into the record for the jury. When the obviously incompetent judge (on account of the same credentials) did this, the credential liberal lawyer Matt knew he had it going his way. (oops, virtually a complete acquittal). Now he had outrage to address and doing so in a firm liberal manner. he let loose on people he can’t reach, touch, ever reach, their class and distinction. The American people are rightly outraged and even this liberal knows it but he must pivot and do a little dance, and employ a shadow of distraction by bring in the President, Vice-President and Attorney general. How very liberal of him. How very predictable the left is–and hateful toward Americans who want to be left alone by liberals.

We now know we do not enjoy equal protection under the law compared to people who broke our law entering the country (cutting line on those who come legally). It is ours now to make certain we take care of our liberal children and enact the right things to get the nation on track to be a nation. Mom and Dad will have to do it again as we always have had to pull them out of a stinker of an issue. Once we solve the problem they create, they can go on being liberal again.

A. Huddleston
December, 2017



March 15, 2015

This is going to be viewed as cynical to some but it is a very real conviction of mine. It’s has been with this imperfect man for years and has never changed.

When some invite me to be saved who are democrat supporters, the unexpected and sudden minutes of wasted time causes a stir inside of me.

I don’t want or need your invitation for my belief in Christ. My prayers are mine to Jesus and God. How can you say you miss me at church ( a lie) when you vote for people in a political party that forces all to fund abortion? In my view the Godless party of killing, including late term, is yours to reconcile with the Lord, but not mine. I loath the fact that a portion of my taxes goes to the killing of innocent unborn.

I know if your a committed democrat, you’ve stopped reading. I hope you are perfected in your spirit. I would like only one thing from you, please; wish me the same in return. Then leave me, please.

Stay away and don’t pretend with me, I don’t need you to lead me anywhere.

Andy Huddleston
March 15, 2015

My God, What’s Wrong with People?

March 24, 2014

381705_4883518328726_1709271138_nA post from Gadsden, Alabama, where a plane crash took the lives of five natives in Colorado including young elementary students was made, reporting the tragic news. One person saw fit to mention the class warfare of Medicare as in somehow voters are not letting people in need get the help they need was part of the story. Beside the lie that we (read conservatives) have been involved in denying care for people in need, this leftist idiot equated a person able to afford a plane with an unfair politic who are against Obama. My God, my God. This is the thinking of people who vote for the democratic hucksters, socialists in their core, thieves their avocation.

The worms are eating away at liberty and have been for decades, assigning such cruel nonsense to the millions of us who do not toe the line of progressivism, liberalism—now other words for socialism. Many will deny it but they seek to deceive as many as they can while they do not deceive themselves. They know, at least many of them know what they stand for—collectivism and taking others earnings at the point of a G.D. gun. To call them out at every opportunity is what I shall do for the sake of a kind of private honesty to my heart. To reflect on the ass-hats regularly is not something I want to do among the many things in life to invest time and effort. The left is hardly worth a breath in their vacant, most often fully expressed hateful words and ideas, void of anything that’s true or right. I do not enjoy going to their world. Still to quash the worms who busily work to take, is to peel the facade away and reveal its filth, its acid like destruction that envelops some people into slavery of group thought against America, Americans. Can’t stand by and let them. Nope. Won’t do it.

I won’t take the bet on whether that gross professor of foul and useless subjects will actually suffer any consequences of her theft and battery charges in California. It’s California. The woman, Miller-Young took it upon herself to deny freedom of speech and stole the pro-life sign two young ladies were holding that happened to be a life view rather than a death view. She’s taking a paycheck from the University of California-Santa Barbara.

I won’t take any bets on whether the legislation passed to go forward by the judiciary committee to define what journalists are—who they are—that that piece of crap is not a prelude to violating the first amendment in forms that will become available to the politicians, probably already planned since Schumer is involved. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense began as a self-published pamphlet. Remember this, folks, as the democrats and the republicans who don’t care try to lead us further away from liberty. Mark for shame the democrat senators on this one—obvious suspects include Reid, Leahy, Schumer, Durbin, and Feinstein—and dumb-ass Grassley, republican light. What is clear are the original words:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I won’t take any bets on the religious liberty of Hobby Lobby prevailing as it is dragged before our Supreme Court to defend their position that parts of Obamacare violate the owner’s faith. The commerce clause sure has given the democrats a whole lot of latitude to force tyranny on us. The Supreme Court has done a masterful job in steering the ship of this nation away from the Constitution… and we stand by, with peeps and shouts, but don’t change a damn thing. (We should change the justices—impeach those who clearly violate their oaths—as THEY HAVE!).

I won’t take any bets on Roy Ortiz being deported—since he is an illegal alien. He is suing firefighters who saved his life when his car was upside down in a flood. They would do it again—but Roy should be somewhere like Juarez of Chihuahua where there’s no flood. It should be a great case to argue for make the loser pay,

I won’t take any bets on anything leftists will do—as they have stolen, lied, and killed for power to ruin.

Andrew Huddleston
March 24, 2014

The Destructors, Those Small-Minded Destroyers

February 4, 2013

If you stand up for your beliefs—your knowledge—and your experience with truth, the left will work to destroy you.
The little broadcaster Mike Malloy said on air that John McCain deserved the torture he received as a captive at the hands of the North Vietnamese Army. This one example of the mindless, conscienceless left’s narrative is but an example. We are swamped—but not sunk—with such ruminations all the time. It is all so absurd, wrong, ridiculous—and sometimes obscene, we pay no attention to such narrowly defined idiots. Some do of course because whatever is said from the spineless, corrupt left is favored by those who desire a nice check from the rest of us for living, a fat government job, or a power position in the Democratic Party or one of its many enterprises.

People who work for the various media outlets that sell advertising (or not) such as newspapers, radio, internet sites, television broadcaster like MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS regularly and consistently work to destroy our nation. Principled thought, respect for the Judea-Christian ethic, fact based standards of behavior and plainly a civilized society rather than what we have now in many quarters are routinely sighted as targets. We know this. Why deny it? Why deny that which must be their intentions? These awful people want to destroy everything good and honorable about the nation, many freedoms, and in large measure, private enterprise itself—that includes many of our ability to make a living. Of course, they deny all of this and think of us in the names they would like to call us, say we exaggerate, say we’re bible-clinging right-wing gun nuts.

The late American society of good intentions, good will, good thought, care of our fellows, good deeds—and more faith in ideals than not still resonates with me. The left has zero faith in any ideal outside their small world of collectivism. The left is all about power even while decrying it for the sake of a narrative that masquerades their truth. Now many media outlets are employed as foot soldiers to carry the fight for nonsense and baseless “new” rules, “new” ways of thinking, “new” groups who deserve more respect than others. In every institution, every large city and through federal actions, every State the left is squeezing the life out of a once great republic—as measured in the degree of freedom we allow ourselves to enjoy.
For anyone, for the Stephanopoulos’, Kroft’s, Schieffer’s, and the Donaldson’s, etc. to play their little game of using haughty verbiage to put us down by their omissions of language and commissions of language deserves zero respect and as much viewership. They are little more than a singular part of the great destructive club of progressiveness. (These people enjoy the slime produced at MSNBC by Ed, Chris, and Al, for example, because it adds to their leftist numbers, but one strongly suspects that they wouldn’t want their daughters dating one of their sons).

As they go about destroying, a series of hapless tools are brought in to echo some nonsense that go to the variety of causes, a variety of anecdotes that feed the ignorant their thoughts, and since many of their targeted audience do not have to worry about paying for the consequences, there is no accountability and no pain in the open wallets of the recipient. It is easy, it is very convenient for the target audience to buy into the issue being sold to them. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. They are told their souls are not in jeopardy by the liars in modern pulpits and so they can rationalize any damn thing. Birth control, morning after pills, and abortion become women’s health issues that must be supported by the frustrated taxpayer. So Mr. Individual, Mr. Company—you have religious convictions? “Don’t be so arrogant and self-serving. Just pay for anything we say you must pay for health insurance, damn-it! And while you’re at it—bake that cake for the nice lesbian couple or we’ll sue your ass.” The campaign of destruction is never-ending, as long as they have power—and they will always have some power, somewhere, and have the predisposition to use it to the fullest. “Your second grader must be suspended from school because of the cut-out depiction of a gun violates our no tolerance policy.” Freedom is gone, freedom has been made out to be bad, and so freedom moves away as it is forced to leave and much like the winds of the Sierra-Nevada, it is gone.

These haughty individuals think they deserve respect for their opinions. They think and assume that they are held in high esteem, holding their audience in a state of utter amazement at their intellectualism and generally convinced they know best for everyone. No, they don’t. There is nothing I respect about them and their destructive opinions. To give weight to an unqualified “constitutional law professor” who calls for us to do away with parts of the constitution that he says no longer fits, is to decide that there is no basis for this nation at its core. I guess we just make it up as we go along—and for whatever the political power wishes to do, we are to be subservient and let it go on until there is no republic left, not even a shadow of its former, greatest form of government the world has ever witnessed, and we will simply become another used-to-be on a dangerous world stage.

I don’t want to give anymore to the imbeciles who take and take, demand and demand more, and give absolutely nothing in return for our loss of freedom. The destroyers, would do that and have done much to take the nation into an abyss of mediocrity at best, evil at worst. The takers—including the many corrupt government despots of one form or another—never think to even say thank you. And we haven’t even mentioned lawsuits, foreign aid, military action every damn place. Corporate inside deals, land deals, tuna deals, government jobs corruption deals, what used to be called kick-back schemes, now it is called campaign contributions, and little girls in the Dominican Republic.

Destruction, hatred, misery brokers of the first order, pushing their little agenda of bad ideas so we all fall down.

Decay from the top down.

Made possible by a cheer-leading media.

Unfaithful, dishonest, bad forms by any definition.

The sheep are being led to destruction as sure as the Sierra-Nevada winds move every year. The sheep they think—are us too. We are coming to a place where we need to do a real occupy of every office in Washington D.C.

Hunter Ayers
February 4, 2013

Our Left

June 1, 2009

It is the spiral of wasted minds captured by a moment of imagined utopia for all on earth that cause many people to perhaps unknowingly become enemies of freedom. The same downdraft that is sure but gentle, touches them with a false reassurance that even if they have learned little, it is all right. In the swirl, the trickster who tells them that they know enough and their life circumstance is not their fault softly seduces them. The seduction remains, grows in allure and people are taken in until they are subjects who accept authority of others, strangers—people who have been roaming the halls of universities or working as lawyers for corrupt community organizing groups. As the left feeds itself with the growing number of people who find its answers pleasing, it grows obese, unwieldy, and incapable. The left is not designed, or intended to deliver much of real substance, after all. It is not part of the grand plan. It exists to take.
It is the aroma of oleander, the taste of hemlock, and the feel of that dusty ivy should one stray with an independent thought. They shall be punished for being of a mind and voice that is detraction from the collective. Their lot is to stay the course and remain subjects to those self-anointed kings for the king’s fortunes—not their own fortunes. Throughout the lie is common, accepted however it is a grand one as they are told the work, the change it is all for them. They must pick up the language and use it continuously. They must remember the words to an issue and cloak it, force it, as the shade of a large tree is unstoppable when there is light. Let no detractors enter the discussion and remain without ridicule—or taken seriously. They must listen to and understand only their part, from their kings. Always retreat to the hollow, incomplete bits of information in the new language you have been given and add none of your own thinking! This is important to them as they are told at the same time to “question the universe,” but strongly implied as if by force, is that the question must always be seared with the flame of liberalism, from the vortex of the spiral where collectively they are gathered near the ground, low, anchored in the shallow, shifting sand of liberalism.
Yes, we can! Together we can! Together we can take back the country! Together they can share the misery that comes as a certain consequence of the decisions made in youth and decisions now as men and women, uninspired, feckless, and unlearned. Billy will still be paid for a lecture though, stalwarts—a lecture canceled. They—the minions—will not be paid except what the kings decide for them. (88) They can only hope that we pay them more than the allotment allowed by the State.
They live every day in a soured state of existence, an unhappy one, with little hope, little chance to rise above where they actually exist not where they think they exist. The new kings have told them they cannot do, be or participate but for them. They are told that they are enemies of a lurking power over which only by them can be defeated. They feel the chains of old, the coarseness of thick rope around their necks out of the visions planted for them, and the lie becomes real for them. They think that they know other people hate them and are the first to hate—a preemptive strike and teach their children well—the same hate.
They hate and follow these kings of deceit like swine in Biblical times when, swollen with evil, plunged off the slopes in the country of the Gadarenes and into the sea to die. That is their destination, for some it will take long strides to bring them to the edge, for others, not much of a leap. Some have been convinced in their own brilliance for many years and so the final fall is within but arms reach. As they begin the fall and feel the water filling their lungs, they are comforted when they see so many others with them. The collective cannot be wrong.
They are the people who enjoy or hate being of different races but little else in life—white, black, brown, and others—who may or may not love abortion but vote that way, who have been fooled into believing in these new kings and their promise of utopia on earth and in their own righteousness. They are schooled in the new language that is not only “appropriate,” but also misleading. Being polite because being polite is being a better human being is not part of this school’s test of knowledge. No one of a different mind can have countenance from him or her. Their minds are closed to any would be invader who has standing in truth.
They have been led to believe that one of the worst sins against a person is to be offended and so they look constantly for evidence. They sue other people on a whim for unearned, undeserved riches because the language tells them they are entitled to redress for simply being. They live in the tasteless soup of political correctness and do not worry if rights of free speech are abridged—for others. It is after all, no skin off the plastic nose of one of their leaders—a queen dedicated solely to humanism, to her quest for power and relevance. They eat the bread and honey our country produces but are not compelled to help grow any part of the feast. They love the offerings for their bodies. They also love the hate that feeds their minds.


May 26, 2009

Ms. Pelosi, sensing the blood of Conservatives in the water of our political nonsense as a fresh opportunity to damage or even destroy the opposition stepped up to the plate and swung.  She was so motivated, that in her animal exuberance (one possible defense in sexual harassment cases), as she had to lick the saliva flow from her mouth, that she missed the pitch high enough to strike the top of the backstop.  She was overly excited at the prospect and quickly added this assault to her long list of assaults against all things conservative—only she forgot an important detail.  Heh.  Somehow or another she must have been so blinded by the prospect of a feeding frenzy that she actually didn’t even consider or think about the fact that anyone would bring up her own history on the matter of “enhanced interrogation techniques.” 

She must have thought that her own culpability would never come into play as she pursued making the one thing she got right, criminal for Republicans.  Therefore, what if some of the dastardly Conservatives destroyed in this charade went to jail!  It’s no skin off her plastic nose.  She must have assumed that no Republicans or Conservatives—even Democrats who may have an ounce of fair play left (doubtful) would not have the temerity to suspect and simply reveal the participation of her highness, itself, whatever in the hell is left of what used to be a person now transformed into simply another plastic politician.  It is ironic that perhaps the one time and only time she got something right when it comes to our country’s national defense, she is having all this trouble.

Hello world!

May 25, 2009

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