Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep continued her criticism of President Donald Trump, defended her now-infamous Golden Globes acceptance speech and vowed to “stand up” against “brownshirts” and “trolls” during her acceptance speech Saturday night at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual New York City dinner gala. (Brietbart 2-12-17). Meryl– The “brownshirts” and “trolls” you feel compelled to call out […]

A Speech Anyone Can Use

Speech May 14, 2016 There are millions of people who can see and hear adults chat about the trade of baby parts and not bat an eye. They defended this Planned Parenthood organization and will vote for those who vote to fund this evil. Think about that, will you? Can you? Ignore what this means […]

Debbie Does Me

The people who protested in Chicago against Donald Trump have no restraint—an inability to avoid violence whenever something is said by another that may somehow trigger the response. These adolescents, babies or slow people according to the Democratic Party and their spokespeople such as Debbie Wassermann-Schulz cannot be expected to respect the notion of free […]

Jeb With no Exclamation Point

So we hear Jeb has now said he is not going to criticize Obama. He won’t acknowledge the harm and disastrous government policies of the past seven years? Jeb will play nice with this individual who is most responsible for more awful, freedom stealing regulations, baby killing appointments than anyone in history. Jeb said Michael […]


As the media wart hogs pine for the big zero Hillary and the cowards in this administration is more worried about language use and backlash against Muslims, we see and hear John (never a stupid liberal idea he didn’t like) Kerry call those of us who know the difference between evidence and computer models insane […]


It’s not mine alone. Leftists are character-less, vacant hearts and minds, and in a state of perpetual misery. They define themselves by their own words and actions. I’m not judging them. I simply hear and watch them clearly advertise how very hateful and base they are—how controlling others is in fact, their consuming passion. Their […]