Parkland & Jokers to the Left

We have had one mass murder after another over the past twenty years and often involving schools. We make excuses and pundits try to explain the insanity, the unexplainable, the evil. Some mindless people have tried to justify the evil ass by suggesting he was alienated, bullied, or spineless (in a figurative way and not […]

Coach Feis

I’m not writing this for the purpose of excluding any child or adult killed the terrible Wednesday of February 14, 2018, but to illuminate one who represents one of the absolutely courageous human beings among us and how blessed we are to have them. Can we be in the same—right place for this or similar […]

Kate Steinle is Gone

The defense lawyer Matt Gonzalez has successfully defended his client, Jose Zarate for the murder. It may have been Manslaughter, but that didn’t matter to a jury whose liberal credentials are preserved. The similarly credentialed liberal lawyer stated that others, specifying President Trump, Vice-President Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, should reflect on their own […]

Young People Wronged Again

Some college students are very confused about the general meaning and use of the word, safety.  That is true for the standard use of the word for decades before the left (as it does time and again for convenience), changed its use into something different.  A group of students recently declared it was a risk […]