Parkland & Jokers to the Left

March 12, 2018

We have had one mass murder after another over the past twenty years and often involving schools. We make excuses and pundits try to explain the insanity, the unexplainable, the evil.

Some mindless people have tried to justify the evil ass by suggesting he was alienated, bullied, or spineless (in a figurative way and not the word I wanted to use). Some say he didn’t have a supportive home and was lashing out. This low life lashed out by carrying a rifle into a school of unarmed children and firing at them in his effort to kill as many as they could.


The deaths of innocents cause one nasty group of political ass-hats to call for gun control. They want to confiscate and destroy. They use it as a political theme to elect individuals who are themselves evil by supporting things like abortion on demand, socialism, confiscatory taxation and all manner of other destruction of character and morals. Interestingly but not surprising is that the soulless. heartless beasts who have shot up schools are from and raised within their very roots.

Maybe the evil sons of bitches didn’t have enough motherly or fatherly love–maybe they didn’t have any.  Are we to accept their acting out as a mere want of attention? No. It’s tough luck for “you”–instead of learning from it in order to avoid doing the same thing, “you” decide to hunt human beings.  “You’re” weak.

What we ought not to accept is any idea they are justified because of what the rest of us did or what the rest of us own to protect ourselves and families from animals like them.  Stop making up ideas to explain them.  When someone has signaled he is going to shoot someone or as was the case of the fool, Cruz, he is going to “shoot up a school,” can we not have law enforcement visit the youthful idiot and remove his guns, rifles, pellet guns, or slingshots???  A cretin who says this must in every case be taken seriously and must pay the consequences rather than risk others who want nothing more then to finish another day of classes.  Make up the damned list.  Stop fooling around.  Pass a law if you must–but do it now.  Anyone who makes the list, cannot have a weapon.  Period.

Isn’t it plainly obvious that we must arm every school?  Do this now!  Install the metal detectors so one of our alienated youthful maggot pukes can’t smuggle in a gun in his backpack.  Have one or two fully armed guards ready to take out a would be shooter instantly with rifles at the ready.  Do it now.  Do not hesitate.  Lives saved from one to dozens are worth it all.

We all do not have to live in their own self-made hell because they’re so weak minded.  We don’t have to accept the notion that we must endure these atrocities from anyone for any reason.  There is no justification for murder.  There is no justification to take away rights.  There is no justification for these empty vessels of evil that we must accept.  No.

He’s not broken, Ms. Diane Cuddihy, chief assistant to the public defender; he’s an evil son of a bitch.  Please stop stroking his little back in public.  I’m asking you because it makes many of us sick.  He should be be put down and it is my hope that as soon as Florida is able to carry out the sentence that it does so.


Andrew Huddleston

March 12, 2018


Coach Feis

February 17, 2018

I’m not writing this for the purpose of excluding any child or adult killed the terrible Wednesday of February 14, 2018, but to illuminate one who represents one of the absolutely courageous human beings among us and how blessed we are to have them. Can we be in the same—right place for this or similar situations should we be called upon in that instant of decision? I pray so.

Coach and security officer at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was tested Wednesday and performed with highest honors. He gave his life for others and gave his all, his love.

He not only did that but he taught all men a lesson of the highest value.

The greatest thing a man can do when faced with a threat to others is exactly what the coach did that day.

Coach Feis towered among men that day when he blocked rifle fire and protected children nearest him. It was his muscle and tissue against flying lead, his heart in an instant offered up for others. I wish we had him still but we don’t. He is in heaven guarding the gates for the children to come.

Like Professor Lebrescu did at Virginia Tech and certainly other men and women driven by the same heart, the man would not let evil touch his children for that few seconds. The decision was easy for him and there was no hesitation.

The exchange when evil comes cost us another of our best.

Andrew Huddleston
February 16

Kate Steinle is Gone

December 4, 2017

The defense lawyer Matt Gonzalez has successfully defended his client, Jose Zarate for the murder. It may have been Manslaughter, but that didn’t matter to a jury whose liberal credentials are preserved. The similarly credentialed liberal lawyer stated that others, specifying President Trump, Vice-President Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, should reflect on their own possible use of the standard of the presumption of innocence since they are under investigation by a special prosecutor.

Aside from the fact that he is factually in error since none of the mentioned are “under investigation,” he is connecting dots that are as invisible as a liberal’s ability to objectively think and decipher what is happening around them. Firmly establishing his credentials as just another unprincipled liberal, he addressed the verdict this way knowing full well the verdict itself was an outrage and would cause exactly that sentiment among people who do not share his propensity to be silly and wrong. But forward he swung his sword of feigned righteousness as if the left are the only ones adequately qualified to be righteous, sufficiently mushy to swing blindly, and command just enough facts to prove a completely wrong answer camouflaged to destroy everything they touch while appearing to care.

Jose squeezed the trigger of an automatic and a woman is dead as a result. Jose is not an immigrant. Jose is an illegal immigrant felon who had been deported five times previous but since San Fransisco (one of several national sewers of credentialed liberals) let him loose as opposed to informing ICE, her was able to squeeze that trigger. Manslaughter at the very least–yes, but not for the highly qualified people of the Bay.

In the credentialed world of “judgeships,” this trial judge did not allow the facts that the accused was a deportee five times and a seven time convicted felon to be entered into the record for the jury. When the obviously incompetent judge (on account of the same credentials) did this, the credential liberal lawyer Matt knew he had it going his way. (oops, virtually a complete acquittal). Now he had outrage to address and doing so in a firm liberal manner. he let loose on people he can’t reach, touch, ever reach, their class and distinction. The American people are rightly outraged and even this liberal knows it but he must pivot and do a little dance, and employ a shadow of distraction by bring in the President, Vice-President and Attorney general. How very liberal of him. How very predictable the left is–and hateful toward Americans who want to be left alone by liberals.

We now know we do not enjoy equal protection under the law compared to people who broke our law entering the country (cutting line on those who come legally). It is ours now to make certain we take care of our liberal children and enact the right things to get the nation on track to be a nation. Mom and Dad will have to do it again as we always have had to pull them out of a stinker of an issue. Once we solve the problem they create, they can go on being liberal again.

A. Huddleston
December, 2017

Young People Wronged Again

April 25, 2017

Some college students are very confused about the general meaning and use of the word, safety.  That is true for the standard use of the word for decades before the left (as it does time and again for convenience), changed its use into something different.  A group of students recently declared it was a risk to their safe space to have Chik-Fil-A operate a store on the campus of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.  Deriving a special interest meme from “LGBT,” that has galvanized the homosexual culture in the United States, the empowered 1% of our population and those who support their rights (absent liberty, freedom for the nation–words typically left out by leftists) have taken on a franchise whose major stockholders donated some of their personal wealth toward groups that worked toward keeping marriage the sanctity of a bond between a man and woman.  Aside from being scriptural which the left fights tooth and nail against any such reference, the institution lasted thousands of years in civilization and since this country’s founding.  It does not matter.  These victims of adult leftist misappropriations of language and its usage claim it is something aggressive and threatening to make it more convenient for those other students who want a chicken sandwich to buy one or fifty.

I mentioned how rare the left uses words like liberty and freedom above and that’s exactly what I believe most Americans expect for their tax dollars, votes and college tuition.  I believe most Americans do not want less freedom–such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom to own guns, and freedom to move, prosper, work, and teach their children.  This group is not about freedom.  Witness the faction that uses lawsuits and claims in States where they can to force everyone to accept them such as fining bakers out of their livelihood and savings to force acceptance.  many in this group expect everyone to embrace them as part of the diversity industry.  That is less freedom and so it’s another sad example of how leftist adults have co-opted the language to excuse anything–in this case “safe spaces.”  I say they should be free to associate as they wish and I would never harm that or them–it is not my business until they make it my business by launching such campaigns as preventing access to chicken sandwiches others.  I think about the protests that restrict people’s movements here and there, by foot or vehicles and it is true that such interference as an act of unwarranted aggression on their part.  Leftist parents and teachers have again failed young people and taught them an incorrect use of the language, and that definition is being used to justify physical acts.

We know the next human reactions will be violent and people will be injured.  The left is our homegrown fascist movement as the language misuse has been extended to this historical horror and as the left does, it accuses all conservatives of being the very thing they have devolved into.  The inevitable cost of this will be death and more destruction, an awful result that becomes a far different part of our landscape than “safe space” on campus.  The reason goes to self defense as the leaders at the top of the Marxist left willingly sacrifice the lives of their followers in order to take power.  It’s happened time and again.  It is likely to happen here, soon.

Stop misusing the language.  Allow the freedom of a majority of young people the ability to buy a feckin’ chicken sandwich on campus.


Andrew Huddleston

April 25, 2017 



The Swirl

March 28, 2017

The swirl of it, the constancy of it, the ruinous nature of it as it manifests itself as a poisonous part of our daily bread so much as breathing foul air–that is what happens as we’re inundated by any media. Otherwise to say it is similar to suggest it is a portion of our daily bread is no exaggeration. Millions are fooled though and swallow it whole, like a gulp of life, a gulp of air.

Confused by what is right and wrong–things most of use learn and know by the time we are seven years old, the age of reason–more or less in the second grade. Murder is wrong. Lying is wrong.  Stealing is wrong.  Three of several rules that do not change regardless of some men’s humanistic attempts to qualify breaking them by virtue of outcomes “for the good of the people.” They are easily understood by the main and minds of ordinary second graders who mostly are unable to write or speak except in the simplest sentences. They’re only seven years old.

The swirl of it all, influenced by peers who were influenced by other peers and so on–the things your Mom and Dad warned you about when you were seven–that do not take you to the best place in behavior, have decided as adults to argue (and pass laws) that goes to undermining our basic understanding of the three rules and have decided that sometimes they are incorrect.  The basically deformed projects of human beings that take on the mantle to describe themselves as the enlightened ones to lord over us who are deemed ignorant so as to enable us lesser human beings to truly grow as an evolving humanist, a true collectivist and believer in their own regard, not anything better.

The confusion seeds itself as normal and for many become quite the mainstream such that many think Al Gore making millions from the largest financial hoax in centuries is legitimate, the the Constitution is a “living” document even absent a Constitutional Convention. The followers of Baal who do not know they are in the footsteps of a very real Satan, set about to communicate, legislate, tax, write, produce movies, sit in an anchor’s chair on television or is in place as an editor in chief of a newspaper and repeat what they learn from peers. Every day, all the time, as persistent as they are pugnacious, as soft in the use of the language (lies) as their chairs.

The dirtbag Obama (term borrowed from John Hawkins, Townhall) rallied these types (as well as the vast numbers of uneducated left that way because of liberal racism that dictates under its breath that minorities cannot be expected to achieve in academia at the same level of whites)–this dirtbag said many times during his campaign to “get in their faces.” With the left’s ever evolving enlightenment, this has meant a nuanced view of assault, murder, theft, and lies. The rules we are not to murder, are not to steal and are not to lie have been changed along its path of ever evolving needs to meet an end. How many times in the history of mankind has the left ever reached a happy destination?  The left never will be satisfied with any volume of liberty stripped from its citizens.

Murder has been the stock and trade of progressives (hard leftists) in every country taken over by the ideology that must do something about the portion of the population that yearns for freedom, lest they become more popular and threaten their hold on power.  In the United States, the murder has been largely limited to the unborn.  Abortion has been made into a mass delusion of acceptability by constant refrains of choice.  The left has never added an argument any better than the “difficult decision a woman in consultation with her doctor has to make.”  The canard–this lie is repeated in every media outlet imaginable.  The ninth month old baby about to be born-and many younger-are the sacrifice to Baal knowingly or unknowingly because of the most selfish act a human being can take and that is killing for convenience.  The numbers of people who cannot contribute to the nation because of this evil is unfathomable.  The real health risks and rapes not withstanding–where decisions are made by real doctors and real patients early in the pregnancy is understandable.  Whether it is moral is a question man cannot answer.  Killing for birth control can never be moral.

Our abortion industry receives federal dollars and providers such as Planned Parenthood returns a portion to the democrat politicians who make sure the providers are bankrolled by the millions of nameless, faceless, taxpayers who no longer count.  The corruption reached the feminists Obama and Clinton.  Murder is such an inflammatory word to use to describe a woman’s choice they say who as if exhaling the CO2 generated in just the last breath these cretins took.  They can see and know that Planned Parenthood sells parts of dissected babies and not bat an eye, not feel the tiniest nerve impulse throughout their bodies and in the next breath claim it was doctored film and so is to be dismissed.  My God, please forgive us.  Many Americans dismissed this evil so casually and voted for the corrupt bag Hillary Clinton and even cried when she lost because Hillary was all important to them, more important than goodness, more important than God.  Her loss became an excuse to set fires and be as disruptive to other’s freedom of movement as they could-the spawn is something called “antifa.”  Antifa is supposed to be anti-fascist but is in fact very fascist itself.

Antifa Marxists, Fascists cover their faces and set about to violently protest anyone and anything with whom they disagree.  There is no freedom of speech to these collectivists and they react violently when confronted.  We of course have every right to defend ourselves and so we must.  Being unable to control their  younger than seven year old emotions, they are liable to cause death as they continue.  These are but the tip of the spear of deceit.

The swirl of socialists are currently aiming for Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court.  Diane Feinstein (never to be confused for a politician who takes her oath to defend the Constitution seriously) expresses she has concerns about Gorsuch and his adherence to the law over the little people.  The swirl lies as it attempts to create an image in the weak minds of its followers that such a man, who is a white male and who is imminently more qualified than the two jokes Obama put on the court, will make America a far more dangerous place, a most unfair place for minorities and women and a grave risk to the murder industry all important to them–the abortionists, as well as the collectivists, the progressives, the worshipers of Baal.

The swirl is large and strong but it is weak in character.  It cannot and will not answer questions truthfully because to do so would expose its hypocrisy and the vacant tools of Ball that it is in fact.  The swirl permeates virtually all our institutions, media and many churches.  Real racism for example is found at the door of liberalism where they believe black people cannot be expected to learn and do as well as others.  Of course skin pigment has nothing to do with character and ability, but not to the leftists.  The leftists believe blacks cannot achieve without the guiding hand of liberalism and the generous application of others’ wealth for any idea that will pay phony but “acceptable” black leaders like Sharpton and Jackson.  The swirl is also easily victimized by by radical Muslims who have killed some in their number who took their muddled liberalism to countries where it is dangerous for anyone not a Muslim, or a particular cult of Islam.

Theft of our earnings continue unabated by the politicians–democrats find ways to take more as easily as they buy three houses on a $170,000 annual salary.  Many republicans do the same thing.  The temptation for career pols to take is too great as the contributors to their bank accounts can hardly be expected to make any connection to their taxes and these pig’s wealth accumulation.  Our corrupt representatives and not been representing us; they are only pretenders.  To fund every conceivable bad idea, bad federal agency is above reproach and not for us little people to question (this is where Feinstien ventures away from the little guy as you won’t hear anything from her mouth on how the government is taking too much).  To fund the base evil Planned Parenthood, the NEA (that does no art and only supports liberal ideology on the airwaves, the department of Education (that does no teaching), the department of Energy (the generates  no energy) all must be funded so the government can look good and the workers in those agencies will send donations to the DNC and to a lesser extent the RNC.  The little people have little chance.  Our best chance was and is Donald Trump at this point and he has opposition like no President before him.  The swirl howls and screams, leveling all manner of vitriolic language, accusations, butt hurt hatred and anger.

The theft of our earnings has become normalized in our daily bread.  We are expected to no longer question what it is spent to do–and not do.  We have our politicians enriching themselves at the public trough directly or indirectly and no one bats an eye or eyelash.  Akin to trial lawyer abuse of our system where our insurance premiums, medical care, and virtually every good and service are more expensive due to the payoffs, whether sanctioned by a court or not.  The funds ultimately come from somewhere–guess where.  It is not the other guy, it is all of us.  Any doubts about this point is quashed by evidence A–the Clinton crime family.

The murder, lies and theft plague the republic as so much our founders warned.  The great sins of our nation such as slavery and sacrificing our troops in southeast Asia for no good conclusion, enriching defense providers for years.  This was in direct proportion to the to the number of people claiming to be progressive and are proud of their contribution to our disgrace.  The evil swirl are socialists and ruining our society in an over-arching, decades long effort of distraction and lies from love and peace to multiculturalism, global warming, choice, racist favoritism, secular exclusion, patronizing condescension, it is perfectly reasonable to carry weapons to defend yourself in many places (the list is growing) where the inevitable next step of these leftists will be to kill some in the opposition to a welfare state.  Already there was a show of force by Marxists who carried weapons in public to show us in Austin, Texas as of this writing.

Isn’t it a shame we let it happen because of how so many have blindly voted blue?

Meryl Streep

February 12, 2017

Meryl Streep continued her criticism of President Donald Trump, defended her now-infamous Golden Globes acceptance speech and vowed to “stand up” against “brownshirts” and “trolls” during her acceptance speech Saturday night at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual New York City dinner gala. (Brietbart 2-12-17).

The “brownshirts” and “trolls” you feel compelled to call out in your self-assumed bravery and self-righteous indignation that Donald Trump was elected over Hillary Clinton include me and many people I know.

Wanting to see more people prosper a little bit more in our economy than is possible with a progressive administration is also an anathema to you I suppose. Praying for an end to abortion for birth control is a faithful sentiment we are not entitled to as far as you’re concerned. We do not have a heart or intelligence at the level we should be allowed to vote if we think freedom of speech is and has been in real jeopardy.

Your “brownshirts” and “trolls” include hourly wage earners, police, supervisors and managers, firemen, military people, veterans, homemakers, ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, normal every day friends and neighbors who would never consider harming another human being, and in those numbers are all ages, including many who have enjoyed your work in cinema… we are living in the country where some of our family, friends or neighbors are living through horrible losses only because of poor border control and worse policies when it comes to individuals who are dangerous–but not to you and your neighbors I’m sure.

We care about our security overseas and here at home. We like the idea our military are supported and not sent into hostile arenas where we do not belong–but willing to spend our lives for good cause to protect the country and our families here. Do not worry though and call us names. Let it enter your mind that many of us are the very same or kind of people who went to France and Germany and killed the real results of a brownshirt culture. We have no guilt of conscience for doing that, only the nightmares of what we had to see, had to endure stopping our sleep and worse, had to live with those friends we lost doing so, some we watched evaporate or fall in agony or quietly fell to suddenly be no more. Call us brownshirts and be as wrong as you want. You have that right.

We can only answer out here where few hears is that what you say is wrong and we’re not brownshirts (Nazis) at all and are in fact, as far from that as human beings can be. We do have rights too–and that is to think and say what we think are a lot closer to being right rather than that hateful, that mindless vacuum of heart and that dark of soul of the left. We saw many of them wearing orange knits on their heads, we hear many of them call us brownshirts and worse, and we see many have used light violence already against ideas–ideas that are good, hopeful, and loving, longing for liberty of thought and action that harm no one and do in fact help more people feel good, positive and happy-and just maybe a little more prosperous.

Trolls? No, we are millions who have a voice too and used it November 8. Unlike you and your media platform, we have only each other to talk to but nevertheless, who has authority to define us? You, Meryl?

Andrew Huddleston
February 12, 2017

A Speech Anyone Can Use

May 13, 2016

Speech May 14, 2016
There are millions of people who can see and hear adults chat about the trade of baby parts and not bat an eye. They defended this Planned Parenthood organization and will vote for those who vote to fund this evil. Think about that, will you? Can you?

Ignore what this means and vote for your democrats and Hillary this fall… My God, my God.
These same people can look you in the eye and claim you owe them—that you should and must pay more into this government so they can have more. You are not entitled to what you earn, not all of it, and they would demand that you not even keep most of it. Isn’t that loving of them?

Theirs is touted as the party of tolerance, the party of inclusion… the party that booed God and whose representatives often decide to exclude the words “under God,” if they recite the pledge at all. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and her party includes, who?

These people can tell all of us we must accept silly men who want to be women that we are to let them use women’s rooms in our public schools and public buildings. It will not be long before the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution is once again misused and enterprises of all makes and manner will be subject to lawsuits too. These people can put on their serious tone and tell us our young daughters do not count as important as a confused transgender claimant.
Obama just warned all school districts about bathrooms. Is he dipping his toe into the revolution pond?

These people will put you out of business, will extort all the money you have and put you into debt to pay claims of people who want a wedding service from you for two guys or two women. These are some who want to make a point about their lifestyle and some who want the judgment—they like to spend other people’s earnings too.
Freedom compressed under the guise of equality. There’s so much equality now, one can smell it, taste it and pay for it unless you’re a person of faith or a conservative, then you’re screwed.

These voters have been voting for America’s decline for decades by voting for the evil democrat party—where good is bad and bad is good. Much of our decline came about because of the expediency many of these voters saw as a ticket to collect stuff paid for by others. You and I don’t have a right to not pay of course once the theft is codified by the democrats they elect. These people can make all kind of law that forces us to pay for things—like Planned Parenthood, where evil lives.
Obama said we could keep our doctor and that our premiums would be lower. He repeated what he knew to be a lie many times. It doesn’t matter to some of his democrat voters. How sad it is that people so bent for the party of false promises that they can be lied to time and again and yet they still give their vote to the people who lie to them.

Obama lies so much and so often, the democrat voters who vote for the evil obviously don’t care. It’s like people are uniformed, don’t care, or zombie like and don’t know what truth is anymore and don’t know why it is important. They don’t care about anything much!

And they want you and me to pay for it, every time, anything, all they demand—those who work must pay everything. So this party that claims to be all about humanity, all about fairness, is of course-the most inhumane and the least fair one can imagine.

We do know it is all about control, all about abortion on demand, late term and all—all about letting babies born alive die alone in the linen room, all about the agenda of perversion, force whatever is vogue at the time on the country and everyone in it.

It’s all about being miserable, Godless, mindless, and faultless since a leftist is not responsible for anything, all about taking, taking and taking some more—and all about a dying military they abhor, all about the end of capitalism, the best economic system for more people to enjoy a higher standard of living, and all about control, control, and more control.

Only those politicians at the top of the heap do well; the rest are to be enslaved.

These are some of the reasons why the democrats want gun control for the rest of us.

To hell you will control me, democrats.

Debbie Does Me

March 16, 2016

liberttyThe people who protested in Chicago against Donald Trump have no restraint—an inability to avoid violence whenever something is said by another that may somehow trigger the response.

These adolescents, babies or slow people according to the Democratic Party and their spokespeople such as Debbie Wassermann-Schulz cannot be expected to respect the notion of free speech in a venue paid for by Mr. Trump. It seems the democrat operatives admit theirs is an uneducated, uncultured, uncivilized group of malcontents that do not have the mental acuity sufficient to be held responsible for their actions. Okay, I got what you’re saying but I know better and don’t believe that lie.

Nope. Free speech is after all, only a notion to our domestic enemies. That notion can only apply to their speech and none other. Failure to grasp that will cause the adolescent to scream at you. Each of these takers from the wealthy—takers from me and you—has a set of emotions he or she simply cannot control. It’s a sad prognosis, and a dreary outlook for a productive future. Got that, had that, and won’t let you leftists ever intimidate or silence me. Bill Ayers is Billy boy to me and he remains a confused liar. He’ll die that way.

One mission of political parties and community organizers is to cause people to believe in what you are doing-to support the direction you want to—say—take the country by virtue of laws, regulations, court appointments, and so on. One of your surrogates we hear from on a regular basis is the tolerant and truthful madam Wassermann-Schulz. I choke over that last sentence. She wins friends by casting all Republicans-and those of us who think that way on several issues—such as the Constitution itself and economics for true prosperity, as something not much above evil sons of bitches. Male or female, she distinguishes roughly half the population as a cult of demons or aspiring ones, not worthy of a listen, not to be taken seriously, and never to be trusted. I sure feel the love. No I don’t of course. Every time I have listened to her I knew she was talking to me and hating me. Still, I will not attack her or disrupt her meetings.

I know how to take the high road. Sure, I want nothing more than to defeat the progressive (destructive) cabal we have lived with for decades that have cost us so much and yielded so little good—and so much very bad in our lives, in the deaths of cities ran by the acolytes of the party that promises and never delivers, the people who boo God and somehow ignore planned parenthood’s business of cutting and selling parts of babies not fully formed and who had the misfortune of being in the wrong womb.

So every appearance Debbie makes on screen she is saying how wrong we are about everything.

I’ve been wrong, then, for fifty years-since learning more about what faith in God should mean to me, and hearing Milton Friedman and William F Buckley for the first time as a young teenager.

She will never convince me—never.

Andrew Huddleston
March 16, 2016

Jeb With no Exclamation Point

February 10, 2016

So we hear Jeb has now said he is not going to criticize Obama. He won’t acknowledge the harm and disastrous government policies of the past seven years? Jeb will play nice with this individual who is most responsible for more awful, freedom stealing regulations, baby killing appointments than anyone in history.

Jeb said Michael (destroy the 2nd Amendment) Bloomberg was a patriot. Jeb’s view of a patriot includes anyone it seems, but maybe particularly billionaires. Reckon?

This more good than not former Governor of Florida has supported common core, amnesty for illegal aliens (who according to Jeb no exclamation point come here out of an act of love). I guess the crimes are committed by some out of love too.

Some time before he weighed in against many of the American people with these brilliant gems of logic, he awarded Hillary liar Clinton a medal for some phony excuse to award the liar a medal. He strikes me as another deal maker with socialists and we have lived with the consequences of that foolishness for decades with a Republican establishment that invested in lighter versions of collectivist democrats.

The man Jeb, has a tin ear with no relief on the horizon that will enable him to take what he said he recently learned-that there is anger out there over what has been happening from government. Well, I’ll be damned he got it for a second. That epiphany of his was before he said Bloomberg was a patriot. It didn’t last long.

Hillary echoed that people are angry out there in her little New Hampshire speech following her defeat to Sanders. Jeb no exclamation point should co-author a book with this consummate liar. She can extract a hefty advance for the two of you from some dumb-ass publisher who invests in such items for political reasons knowing there will be no return to the company for the sell of her-their-0product of nothingness. There you go, Jeb-an opportunity on the horizon for you bub with one of your friends from across the aisle (who would as soon see you literally die if it benefited her politically). She’s done that before.

We do not need or require a deal maker, get along with socialists, status quo manager, organizer who can “fix it.” That would inevitably be some minor touch up and repair of overwhelming government size, government debt, oppressive taxes, and all of Obama’s legacy of the “god awful.” Get more than a clue, Jeb!

We see the legacy as a tyrannical construct. These people are objectively enemies of our liberty and republic who have no respect, place no value on our Constitution, Jeb no exclamation point.

I’ll tell you something, Jeb. You lump in close proximity and will not be trusted with my vote. You would manage our way to be Venezuela and by God, we’re not Venezuela. We’re a Constitutional Republic and the slide downward must stop.

Andrew Huddleston
February 10, 2016


December 9, 2015

As the media wart hogs pine for the big zero Hillary and the cowards in this administration is more worried about language use and backlash against Muslims, we see and hear John (never a stupid liberal idea he didn’t like) Kerry call those of us who know the difference between evidence and computer models insane because we do not see climate change as a problem.

It is not. The idea that taking more of our money is going to change something that cannot be changed is itself very insane. But we’re familiar with that from the Kerry, the traitor, liar Kerry. We’re accustomed to it from democrats across the board aren’t we? Hell yeah. Remember the canard, the lie that federal funds would not be used for abortion? Sure you do and I do too. They fund this outfit called Planned Parenthood whose overall budgets can pigeon-hole funds (by check number?) and pretend it doesn’t go into the supplies and payments for physicians to perform killing if it came from the US Treasury. We’re fools if we think this settles it. Bull-shit. (That’s a word us commoners use when we know would be overseers play games.

And they play a mighty bag full of games. Why do congressmen and senators retire wealthy? Why? How? Who calls for investigations, goes through motions, and yield very little when it comes to any kind of sanction of one of their own? Hillary Clinton was not held to account for the murder of our people in Benghazi and never will. Hillary Clinton can play and work by her own rules when it comes to government work and will never be held responsible—not even for the classified information compromised from day one of her tenure as the so-called Secretary of State. What a joke she is and what a joke our overseers really are—very few of our representatives represent us.

We have a war put on us by Islam—call it the radical elements as it is safe to do—but not even that by democrats. What are we doing to fight? Why are we not mobilizing to win? Why do we tolerate rules of engagement decided by politicians and not the Generals who must put troops in harm’s way? Why are we losing our country? I think of the Clintons, the Kerry traitor and Obama of course. The answer is obvious.

Bernie said we are at war with climate change. On one side of me I laugh, on the other, I clean weapons.

Andy Huddleston
December 9, 2015